Build Your Own Brand

Private Label Your Products

Why? Why are you selling products with someone else’s logo and phone number on the package? Build your own brand!!! If you are an entrepreneur wanting to jump start your sales or a  distributor, Taylor industries offers private label products. We can help you make money and build your own name-brand recognition in the marketplace. For a slightly higher minimum-order quantity we can even silk-screen your containers to give your image a major boost in the eyes of your clients.

For our loyal clients we can produce sales literature and private brochures for use at trade shows or to be given out in your sales meetings.

Taylor Industries does blind-shipping and drop shipping direct to your clients. This gives your shipment an authentication that it was shipped directly from you. No need to tie up costly inventory or to ship your product twice. Use us to direct ship to your customers.

In short, we can help you grow your business and your income.

Contact us so we can work out a program specific for your needs.

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